Getting Higher Rankings Using Google Sitemaps

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One of the ways to get your site crawled by Google is by submitting an XML sitemap. There are many ways you can do this… but here are two of the easiest ways.

You can go to and produce your sitemap directly on the site. However, you’re limited to 500 URLs.

Alternatively, you can download the free Google Sitemap Generator program from Vigos at

Once you’ve created your XML sitemap, upload it to your server into the root directory (ex: Then go to and submit your sitemap.

Even though your site might not get indexed straight away, you’ll have a higher chance of getting more of your pages crawled by Google and therefore increasing your chances of getting better rankings for more diverse keywords. Bobs SEO, a top Las Vegas SEO company agrees and also suggests updating your blog frequently to keep search engine bots on your site.

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